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An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!
An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!

New Featured Artist at Ritual- Anita Misra Photography   - Tuesday, March 25, 2008
I grew up loving the outdoors, feeling grounded to the earth and finding a sense of belonging when walking in the woods. Growing up in India with a really "cool" Dad who climbed Mt. Everest, who took us on mountain climbing expeditions every summer, and a truly "cool" Mom who wrote poetry and did beautiful batik paintings; I represent a mild blending of those two souls. Photography came naturally to me as my eyes see beauty in simple things. Having children adds another perspective on this earth. They use their imagination so easily and it has reminded me to pay attention to my 'inner child'. I am a molecular biologist by training but realized later in my scientific career that I was drawn more to the creative aspects of science and have since then been exploring this new outlet of expression. I hope my photographs give you a moment to pause in this hurried world and cause you to smile, reflect, or feel at peace.

For more information and viewing my portfolio, please visit my website:

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