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An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!
An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!

Hair Jesus   - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We typically reserve this spot for artists who have filled our salon with their works, but today's post is special recognition for an artist who created a piece with us in mind.

All of these hair ideas popping out of Hair Jesus' Head!


Several weeks back, I was cutting a new client's hair and she comment that her hair has been saved by my work. Her previous haircut was a bit of a disaster, but we had gotten it back into a shape she could live with and she was thrilled. I laughed and told her a story, it   goes like this:

Mannequin heads, or maybe clients...
Complete with my name!
A new client came in and wanted a color and cut. She had some strange stuff happening with her hair and she wasn't sure how it had come to get to be such a mess, but she needed it fixed, badly. I colored and cut her hair for her and as she was getting ready to leave, she was saying how thrilled she was with her hair and she proclaimed that I was her "Hair Jesus" because I had resurrected her hair. We laughed, and I took a step back (in case the lightening was going to strike!) and I commented that "Hair Jesus" would make a great t shirt or coffee mug for a hairdresser.

My client was very inspired by this story and she said she was going to make me 'something', but wouldn't say what.
Fast forward 5 weeks, and this client comes back in for her second haircut and the 'something' that she had made for me. Words do it little justice, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will only say that I have never received a gift that had so much creative thought put into it!

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