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An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!
An upscale salon, without the upscale attitude or the downtown drive!

Talented Stylists!   - Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Your favorite featured artists, are of course, your hairstylists at your favorite salon!
Whether you want hair extensions, or hair waxing, a head of highlights or a permanent hair straightening, our team has you covered! Let's make you feel beautiful!
Lindi, Jamie, Castor, Shawn and Melanie

Hair Jesus   - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We typically reserve this spot for artists who have filled our salon with their works, but today's post is special recognition for an artist who created a piece with us in mind.

All of these hair ideas popping out of Hair Jesus' Head!


Several weeks back, I was cutting a new client's hair and she comment that her hair has been saved by my work. Her previous haircut was a bit of a disaster, but we had gotten it back into a shape she could live with and she was thrilled. I laughed and told her a story, it   goes like this:

Mannequin heads, or maybe clients...
Complete with my name!
A new client came in and wanted a color and cut. She had some strange stuff happening with her hair and she wasn't sure how it had come to get to be such a mess, but she needed it fixed, badly. I colored and cut her hair for her and as she was getting ready to leave, she was saying how thrilled she was with her hair and she proclaimed that I was her "Hair Jesus" because I had resurrected her hair. We laughed, and I took a step back (in case the lightening was going to strike!) and I commented that "Hair Jesus" would make a great t shirt or coffee mug for a hairdresser.

My client was very inspired by this story and she said she was going to make me 'something', but wouldn't say what.
Fast forward 5 weeks, and this client comes back in for her second haircut and the 'something' that she had made for me. Words do it little justice, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will only say that I have never received a gift that had so much creative thought put into it!

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New Artwork!   - Wednesday, March 5, 2014
New artwork is on the way! We're excited to show off the new art that will be gracing our walls! It's vibrant, thought provoking and sure to be a conversation piece at Ritual. We can't wait to let you in on who it is from!
Stay tuned!

Kathy Conrad   - Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At age 6 Kathy Conrad won her first art award-- a blue ribbon for a birthday cake drawing. The frosted, foreshortened dimensional drawing caught the eye of her teacher who entered it in a regional elementary school competition. She won first place.
Over the years, crayon-etched birthday cakes gave way to new still life drawings rendered in a variety media-- water color, pencil, ink and oils.
Her artistic endeavors took a backseat when she married-- and, stalled completely when her children were born.
A quarter of a century woould pass before she drew again.
At age 51 Conrad's adult son challenged her to render a female nude- something she'd never drawn before. So, she purchased a cheap box of chalk pastels, a roll of butcher paper and waded into uncharted waters.
The figurative piece rekindled a nearly extinguished artistic flame within her. She was an artist reborn.
For the past seven years Conrad has produced a collection of sensual and etheral figurative artwork. She has recenty expanded her artistic endeavors rendering acrylic landscape paintings and chalk pastel still life drawings and children's portraits.
Additionally, she has taken her photography to an award winning level.
You can view Kathy Conrad's work at Ritual through June, 2012 and you may contact her at: needlework@hotmail.com

Devin Bernard- Featured February & March   - Thursday, January 20, 2011

My art is inspired by the profound mysteries of human existence which have confounded people since they developed the ability millions of years ago to become self aware and wonder about their relationship to the universe. Obviously, the answers to questions about this relationship are unknowable due to the limitations of our minds. Answers have been invented over the millennia through the creation of myths, legends, and religious dogma. For centuries, these myths have been represented by great artists through the use of allegories and symbols. Not being a great artist myself, I do the best I can by creating my own allegories to help me deal with questions of love, consciousness, and the endlessly perplexing question of why we even exist.

A reoccurring theme in my work is the enclosed garden with a meandering path which represents our individual lives that are also enclosed between birth and death and within which we journey. And often there is also a glimpse of the mystical cosmos in the form of stars, comets, and other celestial phenomena which can only be reached outside the bounds of the garden.

My influences from the past are Mogul paintings from India and early Renaissance and especially Northern Renaissance painting. I particularly admire artists such as Van der Goes, Van der Weyden, Hans Memling, and Rafael. Their images are finely detailed with a high and even tonal quality and jewel like colors. In their paintings, every detail is revealed to us; nothing is hidden. As in nature, we can ponder every leaf and flower, yet there is still a mystery hidden behind it that will never be revealed.

Artist’s biography

Devin Bernard was born in Fresno, CA and grew up in Portland. At the age of 20 he moved to Costa Rica with his family and ended up living and working there as a graphic designer for a total of 12 years. After returning to Portland in 1988, he began showing his paintings in several Portland galleries, including Raindance Gallery and Attic Gallery. He has worked for the last 20 years in a social service agency for Latino immigrants as a case manager. After recently leaving that profession, he has dedicated every available moment to his true passion, painting.

Guy Masson   - Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're a pretty artistic bunch, at Ritual, and we have definite opinions about what's hot and what's not. Our current artwork that we are featuring is pretty spicy... We think you'll love the pieces on display, so come on in and check it out. In addition the work that is hanging in the salon, Guy also does portrait photography (think Christmas photos, people!), so check out his website too!

Meet Guy Masson
AKA- phoebus Foto

"I've been taking photographs for all my adult life.
I seldom set out to produce a specific image, however I tend to be drawn to pattern and structure. I like to work in the early hours of the day, at dawn or just before, as the early light brings out texture and form. That, and it is quiet time for most.

My work tends to be industrial in nature, the city offers a tremendous source of imagery. Our community is a study in contrasts. The old and the new, the well tended and tired, the simple and complex.

I do stray occasionally to natural and portraiture. Nature holds much complexity in the simple every day forms. Formal portraits are of interest to me, however I tend to be more focused on capturing a moment rather than a specific pose."


Grace Russell- March & April!   - Friday, March 19, 2010
Grace is an emerging photographer from the Portland area, currently residing in Bend, OR while attending Central Oregon Community College. She loves everything about the outdoors and finds unique beauty in all seasons. Grace's artisitic giftedness and talents surfaced at a young age, expressing herself with exceptional use of colors and textures in drawings and paintings. With a focus on Journalism and Photography at COCC, she hopes to travel on mission trips abroad. Recently having experienced cultures in Mexico and Nicaragua, she desires to expand her repertoire of lands visited and record her experiences in photos.

Grace can be contacted at gracemrussell@gmail.com or on her blog at gmrphotography.blogspot.com

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